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    Laser Cutting Machine with two heads

    The distance between dual heads can adjsut freely, can work at the same time and respectively, which greatly imporve the processing efficiency. Machine’s size & configurations & color are customized to meet your demands.

    1) Applied to materials
    Acrylic, PVC board, Wooden products, Bamboo ware, Crystal, Rubber, Plastic products, Double plate, PCB board, Paper&Leather, Tiles, etc.

    2) Applied to industries
    Applied to Advertising, Decoration&Furnishings, Costume, Fur&Leather Industry, Footwear& Headwear Industry, Model Industry(construction model,aeromodels/navigation models), Artcraft and Electronic&electrical Apparatus industries etc. 

    3) Typical Application
    Signs plates, Acrylic products, Stamps, Costume design draft, Printing, Artcraft, Construction models making etc.

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    Post time: Jan-14-2020
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