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    Advertising Exhibition In Kunshan

    MC – 1390 CO2 Non-metal Laser Engraving Cutting Machine:
    It’s used to engrave on wood, bamboo, acrylics, crystal, leather, rubber, marble, ceramics and glass, etc nonmetal materials. It’s most suitable and the preferred choice of equipment in industries, such as advertisement, gifts, shoes, toys and etc.

    MC – 1625 Vibration knife Cutting Machine:
    This machine is designed for sample cutting and small bulk production, specially providing a revolutionary cutting solution for footwear, packaging, case and bag, car and plane chair, furniture and apparel industries & flexible materials, to meet customers’ private custom.

    MC – 3015 Fiber Cutting Machine:
    This model has high precision and is suitable for cutting precision parts and fine cutting of various craft words and drawings. It has fast cutting speed, and small thermal influence area, the performance is stable, guarantees the continuous production, not easy to be deformed, the cutting seam is smooth & beautiful and so on the merit.

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    Post time: Mar-05-2019
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